I Need You!!

Help!! Can someone help me? I am relatively a new blog writer…can some people out there give me some good advice? How can I get more “followers” and “likes”? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!.


5 thoughts on “I Need You!!

  1. 1.Most important point that all the experts recommend is to comment on other people’s blogs and/or like because they will read your blog and support your.

    2. Use the social media for every post-
    Google +

    3. *** syndicate your blog and cross-post You can do that with BlogCatalog. It is free and one of the top 10. By following people, posting your new article to your followers and in the discussion forum, you will gain LOTS of friendsI really learned a lot there. If you put up your post in the general discussion group, people comment = YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS AND GET IMMEDIATE ANSWERS.. ALSO THE CEO, TONY BERKMAN ANSWERS PERSONAL MESSAGES


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